1. sophie-grig-i-share-hope

    Respect, Understanding & Hope for the Tribal People with Sophie Grig #isharehope Episode 116

    Sophie Grig Website Facebook Twitter Sophie Grig, senior campaigner at Survival International. Sophie Grig has been with Survival since 1995 and has campaigned against the annihilation of tribal peoples in Bangladesh, India, Siberia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, West Papua and Indonesia. She has visited tribal communities in South America, Asia and Melanesia. Sophie has also campaigned on…Read More

  2. Joana-Bacallo-I-Share-Hope

    There’s a rainbow always after the rain… with Joana Bacallo #isharehope Episode 113

    Joana Bacallo LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Youtube (Rappler talk) The lives the youth live nowadays are unparalleled. I work among the clouds- I am responsible for your inflight safety and comfort because I am an international senior flight stewardess. I have moved away from the Philippines about eight years ago and embarked on a traveled life. Free flights are amazing- this is one of the perks of my…Read More

  3. Dante-Jimenez-I-Share-Hope

    24: Dante LA. Jimenez – Hope vs Corruption – #isharehope

    Dante LA. Jimenez website “December 20, 1990, my brother was shot by a drug syndicate because of a mistaken identity. After a year, my father had a heart stroke because of the sadness that he felt. He carried it. When my grandmother saw the coffin of my father, she fell down and she wasn’t able to recover. She died after four months of grief. I lost three loved ones Chris, I tell you… You gi…Read More

  4. Fatima-Palma-I-Share-Hope

    17: Fatima Palma – Nurse Rapper – Nurse by day, rapper by night, 3 steps of hope – #isharehope

    Fatima Palma facebook twitter Instagram studio recording Fatima with band Interview viral video “Dear people of the world, try to live for others don’t just try to live for yourself... you have all the resources to help out other people, to make their lives better. I am not saying that you help out in a big way, but if you can in little ways because through you the world is able to see that mi…Read More