1. sophie-grig-i-share-hope

    Respect, Understanding & Hope for the Tribal People with Sophie Grig #isharehope Episode 116

    Sophie Grig Website Facebook Twitter Sophie Grig, senior campaigner at Survival International. Sophie Grig has been with Survival since 1995 and has campaigned against the annihilation of tribal peoples in Bangladesh, India, Siberia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, West Papua and Indonesia. She has visited tribal communities in South America, Asia and Melanesia. Sophie has also campaigned on…Read More

  2. Izzy Arkin I Share Hope

    Feel the power of Hope with Izzy Arkin #isharehope Episode 88

    Izzy Arkin Why Not Live An Awesome Life The 30-year-old Ninja Facebook Twitter Izzy is a former middle school teacher who quit his job to follow his childhood dream: to become a  ninja. That lead Izzy to Japan where he intensively studied Aikido for 4 years. Presently, he is on a journey to train 1,000 hours in the best dojos in the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ij0HazZcdBA Feel the powe…Read More