1. nora-jaccaud-i-share-hope

    Hope diminishes Fear with Nora Jaccaud #isharehope Episode 119

    Nora Jaccaud Website Facebook Twitter Instagram TEDx Talk   Human Postcards is an ongoing series of 60 second video portraits, capturing the inspirational and often powerful messages of everyday people from around the world. My passion in life is to learn from others by observing and listening. As a child I would collect stories from people the way kids collect seashells. Nothing could stop m…Read More

  2. alejandro-brauer-i-share-hope

    Hope is about opportunities and possibilities for all with Alejandro Brauer #isharehope Episode 114

    Alejandro Brauer Website Facebook (Stimulo) Facebook  Twitter Advocate of equality and social inclusion for those with intellectual disabilities, through his organisation, Stimulo. Stimulo is an organisation that has been working to defend the human rights of people with intellectual disabilities. We fight for total social inclusion, positive social participation and full access to opportunities.…Read More

  3. Kathy-Shorr-I-Share-Hope

    Hope is a clear photo of endless possibilities… with Kathy Shorr #isharehope Episode 106

    Kathy Shorr Website Shot Facebook Twitter Instagram Kathy Shorr was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her work is rooted in documentary, portraiture and street photography. She received her undergraduate degree in photography from the School of Visual Arts and an MS in Education, earned while working as a New York City Teaching Fellow in the public schools in crisis. Shorr’s work has been shown in gal…Read More