1. hunter-halder-i-share-hope

    Hope is everywhere… with Hunter Halder #isharehope Episode 120

    Hunter Halder Website Facebook Hunter Halder: An American at home in Portugal who, after a wide range of diverse and seeming unconnected career experiences, found his purpose as a dedicated volunteer when, at the tender age of 59, he founded the Re-food Movement. Now it all makes sense :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXy0AsDy9Hc Hope is everywhere... with Hunter Halder #isharehope Episode 120 S…Read More

  2. Rintu-Rathod-I-Share-Hope

    Sharing Food…Sharing Hope with Rintu Rathod #isharehope Episode 71

    Rintu Rathod Website Facebook (Personal) Facebook (Rini Bakes) Twitter I am a commercial designer turned designer baker. I try to spread awareness and help people through my art and my medium of art and expression is my cakes. I have tried to create awareness on the subjects like Save the girl child and Food waste through my cakes. I have been making edible Ganesha idol for the last 4 years to sen…Read More