1. Mina-Wahidi-I-Share-Hope

    Compassion is hope with Mina Wahidi #isharehope Episode 75

    Mina Wahidi Website Facebook Twitter School Mental Health ASSIST (SMH ASSIST) Currently the Executive Director & Founder Compassion Society, a non profit organization that assists in the growth of a generous community of people who help one another to lead improved lives. Ms. Mina Wahidi has a history of local and international volunteer work. Having visited Haiti and Afghanistan. Also, throug…Read More

  2. Bobbi-Parish-I-Share-Hope

    47 Bobbi Parish – Trauma vs Hope – #isharehope

    Bobbi Parish Website :: Gmail Facebook :: Twitter #NoMoreShame Email #NoMoreShame Facebook #NoMoreShame Twitter YouTube :: Roku TV “Hope is a belief that good things are ahead of you. I’ve been to those awful places. One of the most difficult task that I faced is convincing a survivor that there is hope by telling my story and letting others know that there is a way out of a horrible situation…Read More

  3. Shirley-Mae-Springer-Staten-I-Share-Hope

    39: Shirley Mae Springer Staten – Unstoppable #hope from the cotton fields of Georgia #isharehope

    Shirley Mae Springer Staten Website Facebook “The best way to share hope that I know of is through music because music is the 18 inches from the head to the heart and music goes directly to the heart. I’m Shirley Mae Springer Staten in Anchorage, Alaska and I Share Hope.” - Shirley Mae Springer Staten Shirley Mae Springer Staten, international keynoter, singer and workshop facilitator, moves…Read More

  4. Michael-Broussard-I-Share-Hope

    38: Michael Broussard – Ask a sex abuse survivor about hope – #isharehope

    Michael Broussard Facebook Twitter Website “There was a time in my life where I looked up and I did not see white or hope at all. I didn’t feel like things would ever change and for me hope has become defined as the understanding that things can and will change and you, as an individual, have control over what direction that change takes and have control over seeing hope. It’s a point of vie…Read More