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    Hope is physical and spiritual strength with Chouchou Namegabe #isharehope Episode 102

    Chouchou Namegabe Website Facebook (AFEM) Facebook (Personal) Twitter Chouchou Namegabe is a Congolese activist, radio journalist, and founder and director of the organization South Kivu Women's Media Association (AFEM in french). Ms. Namegabe trains rural and urban Congolese women as journalists specifically to report about sexual violence and human rights abuses. With her organization she uses t…Read More

  2. Mr-Pasikari-I-Share-Hope

    44 Mr. Pasikari – 2 Wars. 1 Hope. – #isharehope

    Mr. Pasikari “Hope and faith work together. Great faith can give you great things and show you big things. Being a Christian is the very best thing anybody could have even though people don’t see that. For us, it’s a very big deal and that’s why we’re here today. After all those stories, we are still rejoicing and happy because we have Jesus.” –Mr. Pasikari Born in Bururi, Burundi, M…Read More

  3. Mrs-Pasikari-I-Share-Hope

    41 Mrs. Pasikari – 4 Countries. 1 Hope. – #isharehope

    Mrs. Pasikari “The first step to hope is believing. If you are in trouble and it goes away, it’s not because you are powerful or anything, it’s because God can see. With your hope, God changed something in your life. There are some strong people and people who are very rich and who are in trouble, but they cannot do anything about it because they have no hope. They don’t know what is belie…Read More