1. Michele Rosenthal and Healing From PTSD

    I Share Hope is an online community of survivors and do-ers who share their true inspirational stories of hope to inspire others to keep going through their own struggles. We believe in actionable hope, not just inspirations ideas or thoughts, but things to actually act on to improve your life and heal yourself. I Share Hope is a global initiative begun by Chris Williams to interview 100 leaders f…Read More

  2. Lihn Do

      I Share Hope is an online community of people who have survived experiences of abuse, war, violence, and people (many times the same people) who are using their lives to change the world. We share true inspirational stories, via motivational podcasts, of people struggling against either their past trauma or what they see as coming catastrophes. Such is the case of Lihn Do,  an environment…Read More

  3. Refurn: Giving Hope to the Whole Planet

    I Share Hope is a website that shares stories and of hope and survival through true, motivational podcasts. Hope comes in all sizes and shapes. It’s not always about survival on one person; sometimes it looks at the survival of the entire human race and the planet. Sometimes it involves both. Who is this person His idea of hope is about looking forward. John Lennon’s Imagine is an inspiration …Read More

  4. James Costello

    Listen in and join our online community. Community can do so much for people recovering from bad situations. Maybe it’s your ‘everyday’ kind of break up or, maybe you are still dealing with trauma from your childhood; there is room for hope. We are an online, intentionally hopeful community. The project around which we are centered is the dream child of Chris Williams. His goal is to intervi…Read More

  5. sun-break-clouds-I-Share-Hope

    Dr. Princess Olufemi

    I Share Hope is the website of motivational podcasts of an online community of people who are dedicated to sharing hope. The community is made up of people from all walks of life who have experienced some type of hardship and have used hope to overcome it. Many of the people, but not all, have experienced trauma or abuse. Recovering from trauma or abuse is an ongoing process for most people and so…Read More