1. Trevor-Kleinhans-I-Share-Hope

    48 Trevor Kleinhans – Secrets make you sick – #isharehope

    Trevor Kleinhans Website Email Facebook Twitter Google+ “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing. Yes, I have made mistakes and lots of them. I think it’s from those mistakes that we grow and learn. Hi, I’m Trevor Kleinhans and I’m the author of a book titled Secrets Make You Sick and I Share Hope.” – Trevor Kleinhans …Read More

  2. Bobbi-Parish-I-Share-Hope

    47 Bobbi Parish – Trauma vs Hope – #isharehope

    Bobbi Parish Website :: Gmail Facebook :: Twitter #NoMoreShame Email #NoMoreShame Facebook #NoMoreShame Twitter YouTube :: Roku TV “Hope is a belief that good things are ahead of you. I’ve been to those awful places. One of the most difficult task that I faced is convincing a survivor that there is hope by telling my story and letting others know that there is a way out of a horrible situation…Read More

  3. Germany-Kent-I-Share-Hope

    45 Germany Kent – 5 Compliments a day – #isharehope

    Germany Kent Twitter Facebook The Hope Guru Website “Be positive. Stay happy and don’t let the negativity of the world get you down. It’s a choice. Positivity doesn’t always come easy. It doesn’t come natural. It’s a choice that you make every day. I’m Germany Kent and I Share Hope.” –Germany Kent Germany Kent is a social media expert, best-selling author, business consultant and…Read More

  4. Cristina-Gabetti-I-Share-Hope

    42 Cristina Gabetti – Tina Turner, Sustainability, #Hope – #isharehope

    Cristina Gabetti Website (Italian) Website (English) Facebook Twitter Hope is an emotional experience. It’s a burning desire that I couple with faith, which is a rational choice to believe that my hopes will or can come true. The courage to dream nurtures hope and then comes a practical side, the perseverance to keep replenishing courage to dream and to hope. I am Cristina Gabetti and I Share Ho…Read More

  5. Grant-Baldwin-I-Share-Hope

    27: Grant Baldwin – Who are you? vs. What do you have or do? – #isharehope

    Grant Baldwin facebook twitter instagram website video “You have a choice. You can look at those things like this is a miserable thing and this sucks and I can be ticked off and miserable and jaded or I can decide that this is life, this isn’t fair, maybe I didn’t do anything to deserve it, but it happens. That’s when it makes for a better story in the end. It makes for a better come back.…Read More

  6. Dante-Jimenez-I-Share-Hope

    24: Dante LA. Jimenez – Hope vs Corruption – #isharehope

    Dante LA. Jimenez website “December 20, 1990, my brother was shot by a drug syndicate because of a mistaken identity. After a year, my father had a heart stroke because of the sadness that he felt. He carried it. When my grandmother saw the coffin of my father, she fell down and she wasn’t able to recover. She died after four months of grief. I lost three loved ones Chris, I tell you… You gi…Read More

  7. TA-Robertson-I-Share-Hope

    21: T.A. Robertson – Hope in Homelessness – #isharehope

    T.A. Robertson website “You bet you want to medicate your pain, your thoughts, why things are the way they are. I mean honestly, when you get to those points, when you start getting those questions asked to you about do you want to stop, why are you doing it, that’s when you really got to just be honest. If you enjoy getting high and enjoy staying where you’re at, well this is where you’re…Read More

  8. David-Hancock-I-Share-Hope

    06: I Share Hope with David Hancock

    David Hancock MorganJamesPublishing Twitter Facebook LinkedIn GuerrillaMarketing ChatWithDavid HabitatforHumanity “I tend to resonate more with Biblical definition of hope, which is confident expectations. Hope is a firm assurance of things that are unclear and unknown, and hope is a fundamental component of life. Without hope, life actually has no meaning at all.” — David Hancock David Han…Read More

  9. Susan-Polgar-I-Share-Hope

    02: I Share Hope with Susan Polgar

    Susan Polgar Website Twitter Facebook Webster/SPICE Amazon Books “I think a person needs three things to be truly happy... have someone to love... find your passion in what you do... and also to have something to hope for... I’m Susan Polgar, a World Chess Champion and the coach of the number 1 ranked collegiate chess team in the United States and I Share Hope!”— Susan Polgar Doug Goldstei…Read More