1. John-Atkins-I-Share-Hope

    Ukelele Teacher- Don’t Give Up! Something cool may come along…with John Atkins #isharehope Episode 100

    John Atkins Youtube Facebook Twitter After making a few online ukulele tutorials to amuse a friend a few years ago, I've since managed to parlay it into a career as a full-time YouTube who has given up his office job in IT and travelled across the USA to meet several of my viewers in person. For a mini animated version of the story, check out my Draw My Life video here! https://www.youtube.com/wat…Read More

  2. Jaime-Bautista-I-Share-Hope

    The Art of Hope with Jaime Bautista #isharehope Episode 72

    Jaime Bautista Website Facebook Videos JAIME BAUTISTA was born in Colombia, an ex-student of Civil Engineering and a self-taught artist. Amongst working with conventional art mediums he has also developed a special technique for his models and pictures with a material normally associated with kindergarten use- Plasticine. Not only did he develop this technique in the artistic sense, he went furthe…Read More

  3. Peregrine-Church-I-Share-Hope

    Rainworks of Hope with Peregrine Church #isharehope Episode 65

    Peregrine Church Website (Rainworks) Twitter Facebook YouTube Peregrine Church is a Seattle-based creator who spends his time thinking of ways to make the world a more interesting place. He is the creator of Rainworks, street art that only appears when it's wet. He began decorating the streets of Seattle with his rainy-day art in May 2014. In early 2015, a video featuring Rainworks went viral, net…Read More