Welcome to I Share Hope.

I Share Hope is an online community of people who feel passionate about sharing hope. We use motivational podcasts to share true inspirational stories of hope. Hope keeps us going and gives us strength. Through sharing our stories, we share our strength, and together we can survive anything. We can do more than survive: we can thrive.   I Share Hope offers inspiration and advice through our motivational podcasts of inspirational stories.

Hope can be inspired by surviving trauma, but also by seeing the adversity that others around us are experiencing. Life inevitably brings adversity, but some of us face more adversity than others. The resilience that survivors of trauma demonstrate can be truly inspiring, giving hope to others to survive their own struggles. Surviving doesn’t that mean you have, or even that you can, put all your experiences behind you. Your experiences have forged a new person in the furnace of suffering and healing. This new person, the survivor, can help others by sharing stories of their struggle and survival,  and by telling others about their coping strategies. Coping strategies are a big part of surviving. Knowing you have the tools to cope can give you the sense of control that can get you through a tough moment. Some days are only a series of tough moments and that’s when we need to tap into the actionable hope that we get from I Share Hope. Our podcasts of inspiring true stories are meant to give you hope, inspiration, and a community to belong to while your grow and learn.

Everyone is invited to I Share Hope, not only those who self-identify as survivors. We recognize that healing can come from all sides, and we can all learn from everyone. That is why I Share Hope is an intentionally inclusive group. We know that one does not need to personally go through an experience to be able to relate to those who have. We know too, that there is a goal beyond surviving our experiences. Each person’s goal will likely be different and have nuances of that person’s own dreams and aspirations but we all want to move beyond ‘just’ surviving and beyond the label of survivor. I Share Hope is for anyone who want to join in the movement toward a happier, healthier human race.

Giving hope is receiving hope. By giving hope to others you can find meaning in your own journey.

Listening to someone can be part of the healing process. Being in a community and finding others who have been through the same trauma can be transformative. Sometimes talking to people in person about trauma can be too difficult, so an online community/social media gives you a safe space to explore your experiences and your healing methods/techniques. In this safe space, you can find people who not only understand what you’ve been through, but who also share similar experiences. You can do this at your own pace in an online community, sitting back and watching until your feel comfortable to join in the conversation. Knowing you are not alone can give you hope and inspiration. Articulating your own struggles and helping others who are perhaps at the beginning of their healing journey can be a healing, empowering experience.

One thing we believe is that survivors are all around us, from our neighbors and co-workers to world leaders. There is nothing to say we can’t learn from everyone. Our world is filled with amazing, inspiration people and I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of them and interview them for the I Share Hope podcasts. There are pages and pages of quotations about leadership but the essence is someone who teaches by doing, not simply talking. Our guests have done amazing things with their lives, sometimes because of the trauma they’ve experienced, and sometimes in spite of it. I sometimes think of our struggles as the drawing back of a slingshot band: the more we have suffered, the further back the band is brought, the more progress and achievement can be attained. The trick is the aim, the mission of the shot. If our aim is true we can achieve our own dreams and inspire others to do the same.

The I Share Hope project started out as my personal journey of self discovery. Along the way, I’ve discovered that hope is something that grows stronger through sharing it. This journey has gathered strength and now includes world leaders and a growing online community. From an individual’s take, many can learn and grow and hope. It can grow to great heights. We can help each/one another other heal, continue to heal ourselves and, this is a big one, work to remove the stigma that surrounds surviving trauma.

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.  -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross   

The Goal: To interview 1,000 leaders. 

They are leaders in their fields and come from across the globe and from every walk of life. Listening to one of the I Share Hope podcasts, you will hear interviews of leaders from all around the world, including scientist, Knights, Word Grand Chess Masters, ex-convicts, award winning musicians, remote village leaders, Oscar winners, survivors, humanitarians, diplomats, bestselling authors, Heads of State, athletes, and coaches.

All the participants will be asked the same five questions, and their answers will shed light on how they have coped, survived, and thrived. We will hear about their own goals and how they share, and find continuing, hope in their lives.

The Mission: To inspire hope across the globe.

Hope transcends boundaries, time and borders. It manifests itself when survivors get up each morning, when they face another day with a courage and determination. It manifests when people change their lives for the better is small ways and great. Knowing that we are part of a community, to which you can turn in moments of need gives us all strength.

Each world leader will be asked to share stories about struggles they have gone through in their own life and how they came out on the other side with hope. And from this, I Share Hope intends to inspire those who need hope, those who are trying to help others in need of hope, and most importantly those who may be struggling to maintain their sense of hope.

The Strategy: Give listeners an interesting, impactful, and empowering podcast to listen to.

The I Share Hope podcast is only as powerful as its listeners. Be part of the project. Listen, be inspired, and share your inspiration with those in your community. Whether that is by posting to our Facebook Page or by downloading one of our podcasts right here. Every podcast is different, and every interview provides a new view on what it means to find and share hope.  We encourage you to stay updated, inspired, and enlightened by leaving your email and signing up for our HOPE newsletter. Thank you and always share hope with those around you. Be part of the community of hope and see where it leads you!
Hope doesn’t have to be a mere concept; it can be what we call ‘actionable hope’. This itself can mean everything from finding the strength to try to make it through the day, to taking your passion for survival and applying that energy to your personal passion, be it art, philanthropy, comedy or politics. Take your story of hope, share it and change your life, the lives of others, and the world.