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Program Info


Chris+WilliamsChris – Host of I Share Hope

Like you, I’m one of the lucky people that gets to learn from all of our wonderful Guests on I Share Hope. When I’m not working with Guests, I spend my time with with my best friend (and wife), our 5 kids that make me laugh and cry every day and earning a living as a business strategist.
Interesting Fact: I can ride a unicycle and juggle at the same time. You can imagine what a useful skill set that is for everyday life:)

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IMG_2048Sai  – Administrator and Guest Services

Sai is the glue that keeps us all together here at I Share Hope. She oversees all of the I Share Hope projects, including communications, podcast production, websites, guest research and international scheduling.
Interesting fact: Sai is quadrilingual and can work within several more languages. Her multilingual skills and seemingly endless energy enable her to welcome our guests from hundreds of international locations.


czerinaCzarina – Research and Writing

The I Share Hope community and guests generate so many great ideas, comments and data points around hope. Czarina focuses this information into sustainable actions of hope for all to use and share.
Interesting fact: Czarina transcribes every interview giving her an intimate connection to each story of hope. She transcribes 8,000 to 12,000 words every week!


JamesJames – Audio Engineer

James takes what often begins as over an hour of Skype audio/video feed, which can sometimes get choppy, and turns it into a beautiful 30 minute podcast episode. James keeps the story pure, the sound clean and the downloads fast.
Interesting Fact: James edits more video and audio per day than most Americans watch. Thats a lot of content! (btw this is not James’ real photo, he has a nose.)

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