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Hello I Share Hope audience! This is Chris Williams, host of I Share Hope.

It’s so great to see you here again. Let me tell you what I’m doing right now. We are wrapping up Season 1 of I Share Hope. That’s right. This is 125 episodes if you count it as podcast or count this right here what I’m doing right now, 125. Can you believe that? Almost of two years of work, 125 episodes!

We’ve interviewed people from literally all over the world. You are listening from over 80, I think close to 90 countries now. That’s amazing – it blows my mind. So many of you are engaging in social media, @chriswilliamshq for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever. You have made this possible and obviously, obviously, can’t thank our guests enough. We have so many amazing guests! Literally, knights – you got it, the Queen of England, how they knight people. Literally from knights, heads of state, world-renowned artists, musicians, business people, scientists, people from technology, all walks of life! People you definitely have heard of and then there’s a lot of people you’ve never heard of that live in the most quiet, most remote corners of the earth that are out there and need to be heard because what they’re doing is amazing.

So, jump in there to, look through the episodes, just spruce it like a library, pull those stories out, listen to them, watch them. Many of these are videoed on YouTube, all the episodes are on YouTube and on podcast if you want to go to iTunes or Stitcher. Wherever you want to find these things, they’re there – is the home base for that though and you’re going to be able to find out all you want to find out.

Can’t thank either of these two girls enough – Czarina and Sai.

Czarina has helped with transcribing, a lot of our social media, a lot of the things that we have to do to make this presentable and keep communicating to you, that is Czarina. She’s been with us for so long in this process. Thank you Czarina, you’re amazing. Can’t wait to continue sharing hope with you.

Sai, also from day one you’ve been here. You and I have started this thing. You’ve been here literally every step of the way before we even knew what the website would look like – you were here. Thank you Sai. It’s been a privilege and again, so hope that we get to continue sharing hope together as this thing continues to move forward.

We are taking a break, all of you out there in I Share Hope world. We are taking a break. We are finishing up Season 1 with 125 episodes and looking forward to 875 episodes more, but we need a quick breather and we’re going to retool and come back at you.

So, what I would love to hear from you is: what’s your favorite part about I Share Hope so we could continue doing it more and who would you like us to interview? We can interview anyone. It’s rare that somebody says “no thanks” almost everybody says yes to an interview. We would love to interview who you want to hear from. We’ll reach out to them and make that happen. We’ll do our very best, I promise.

Again, thank you. Thank you for sharing hope.

The last thing I want to say, if you are looking for hope and you are trying to figure out how to engage – that’s where I came from, a very dark place, lots of depression, suicidal tendencies, things like that, that was what started me down this journey of trying to talk to people who already had a lot of hope that I could learn how to hope again, you need to jump in here. If you listen to the episodes, towards the end of each episode, not only does each guest get really real about their own life and what they’ve come through, but the last question we ask is the simple ABCs – steps that we can follow to grow as people of hope or share hope with other people; that is where you need to be. Please, jump in there, listen. There’s so much good stuff there, so many things we can learn.

Engage on social media, @chriswilliamshq. #isharehope, if you just google #isharehope or look on any social media channel, you’ll find us all over the place, you’ll find links to all those episodes. You can’t miss us.

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @chriswilliamshq

Wherever you happen to be, we’d love to talk about your journey and what you’re doing to grow.

Thank you again! It’s been a privilege, love each and every one of you and we will see you in Season 2!