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Emmanuel’s Gift Documentary (Youtube)

A man with one leg rides his bicycle and tries to change the world.

Emmanuel is an athlete with a humble goal: to help people with disabilities in Africa, and eventually all over the world.

He was born in Ghana, with only one good leg. In Africa, people born with a disability are shunned, left for dead or even poisoned. If they live, they are not accepted into schools or society in general. Fortunately, he had a mother who wouldn’t bend to the pressure from the community to abandon him because he was a bad omen. Instead, his mother taught him that everyone is a child of God and every person deserves love and a chance to contribute to society.

In his youth, he was determined to show his community that he could do what other kids did. He shined shoes to buy a soccer ball and learned to play on crutches. People saw him playing and it began changing their hearts. As he grew up, he started to ride a bicycle. And ride. And ride. He became an athlete and rode across the whole country— showing communities all over Africa something they had never dreamed possible. People in each village and town saw how a man with only one leg could do the same or better than a man with two. If this were true for riding a bicycle, perhaps it was true for other areas of life… Emmanuel’s determination began to change more hearts.

Then, to his surprise, he became the most famous athlete that no one had ever heard of. ESPN called to tell him that he was going to receive its ESPY Arthur Ashe Courage Award with Jim Mac Laren. Oprah Winfrey presented the award on national television at the famous ESPY Award ceremony. He also received Nike’s Casey Martin Award for courage in sports. A documentary was released entitled Emmanuel’s Gift. He helped lead the way to get national legislation passed for people with disabilities in Ghana. And it was a success! But legislation alone does not always change hearts.

Today, He dreams…to build the first school and Sports Academy in Ghana for people with disabilities— both students and staff. A school that will provide a place for people with disabilities to flourish and have a chance to contribute to society. And, ultimately to create a movement for justice and human equality across Africa.

To achieve this dream, Emmanuel rode across America! He started May 2016, He rode a bicycle, 3253 miles for 65 days from California to Washington DC, talked to the people I meet in order to raise the $3-5 million this school needs to succeed. Through the generous sponsorship of Feed My Lambs Global Ministries, Inc, Emmanuel’s Dream is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization so that contributions are tax deductible. . All sponsor/donors will be recognized, n when the new school and Sports Academy will be built, and throughout my Ride Across America!!!

In addition we ask for volunteers with business and education background to help us create a business plan for the school. If you have interest in volunteering please contact me, Emmanuel Yeboah, at (858) 888-2865

and GoFundMe page gofundme.com/8z7ru4. .

People are supporting me across the country. I have returned to the United States to be with the people who helped me before, and with hope you will help me again. Please call me at (858) 888-2865. I am eager to speak with you about the benefits of sponsorship.

Emmanuel’s Dream…Ghana’s Hope with Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah #isharehope Episode 98

Summary: Emmanuel’s answer to the five questions! Listen to the full conversation on the player above; also available on iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

Question 1: How do you define hope or what is your favorite quote about hope?

Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah:

Never give up. Never, never give up because if you don’t give up you will see the good future.

Question 2: Who has shared the most hope with you?

Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah:

It’s my mom. She is a very good Christian. She is someone who has given me hope and that hope is helping me a lot today. My mom has given me the virtues I needed to fix my life. Now, someone who is supporting me like the way my mom did is my wife.

Question 3: How have you used hope to make it through a difficult time in your life?

Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah:

I’m not a rich person. I struggle to get something done for me and my family. I’m not thinking about what I’m going to get today. I’m praying to God that if there’s a heaven, then one day I’m going to be worthy to be in heaven. I want to use my life. I want to use my gift. I want to use everything I have to make changes in this world.

Question 4: How are you sharing hope today?

Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah:

I compare myself to so many leaders in this world. It’s the legacy that we are to leave in this world that is going to be the hope. To give hope on a daily basis, know that a hero is someone who fights until the day he dies. Everything you have done in the past is gone so every day, you have to skip into what you are trying to achieve. You can use 20 years to build your name, but you can use one day to spoil your name, so protect your name. Every day, I try to make my name what it is so that when people mention my name, they can say that what happened years ago is still the same as Emmanuel’s gift.

Question 5: How should I (the listener) begin to grow in hope or share hope today?

Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah:

(1) Know when to get help and accept help.
(2) Make a goal and set a timeframe for your goals.

Listen to the full conversation on the player above; also available on iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud.