Chris Williams 

““…what if I ask 1,000 leaders from all over the globe the same five questions about hope…””
— Chris Williams


Chris Williams is the Host of the I Share Hope podcast — a daily show interviewing 1,000 of the world’s greatest leaders of hope, sharing their stories and action steps for using hope in our lives. In this episode Chris explains the reason for the I Share Hope project and what to expect from the I Share Hope podcast.


00: I Share Hope with Chris Williams 

Chris Williams:

I’m tired of surviving. I wanna thrive. I wanna live life wide open, and I wanna make sure I’m doing it in a way that is healthy and productive and sustainable. So, I thought what if I ask a thousand leaders from all over the globe in every genre of society the same five questions about hope. How would that kind of insight change my life.


Welcome to I Share Hope! the Podcast where world leaders share their real stories of hope and how you can use actionable hope to start changing your life today. And now, here’s your host, Chris Williams.

Chris Williams:

So, one of the things I really needed to do in my own healing was to be around people of hope and really understand where did they come from, how did they use hope to grow, how did they get past that really hard situation and use those practical steps to get through something difficult or maybe they were through something difficult and it was just still dominating their life. Now, that’s been a lot of my story. I can’t get past some of the things back there in my history, and I really need to move on. I’m tired of surviving. I wanna thrive. I wanna live life wide open, and I wanna make sure I’m doing it in a way that is healthy and productive and sustainable.

The I Share Hope project is really simple. It’s a collection of interviews from leaders around the world talking about hope. I’m reaching out to one thousand world leaders from all genres asking them the same five questions of hope. I’m asking them what their definition of hope is or maybe their favorite quote about hope. I’m asking them who’s been the most influential in their life delivering hope to them. Number three, I’m asking what is a time in their life — a story from their past — when they’ve had nothing to fall back on except a dogged determination to stay focused on hope and what was that hope and how did it turn out. Four, because a lot of these people are avid sharers of hope at this point in their life, I’m finding out how they’re sharing hope on a daily basis. Sometimes that’s something very complicated like world travel and Influence and foundations. Sometimes it’s super simple like taking a cup of coffee to a next-door neighbor or waving and smiling at somebody everyday — just to remind themselves that hope is worth sharing. Number five — I love this question because the people we are interviewing get to give us the 1,2,3 — the ABC’s of hope. We ask them what are the steps — what are the action points that we can take forward and use today to grow in hope ourselves and to share hope with those around us. You know a lot of this is just keeping it real. Either we hide from it and say “No, everything’s just fine” or we acknowledge it, jump in, tackle the hard stuff and learn the steps to take to start moving forward and to start thriving, not just surviving.

Thanks for joining me. There’s gonna be so many opportunities for you to jump in, hear the back story of people you know of but have never known what’s really going on down deep. What’s really driving all the energy you see today is often times that hope. It’s what has come from the hardest days of their lives, and they’re thriving because they are sharing hope. Hey, I’d love it if you hit the website at Find all the resources there. There’s great show notes under every podcast episode. There’s ways to connect with me. There’s also some great discussion underneath each of the podcast show notes, and so much more, like the top ten action steps that these leaders have taught us so far. Things that these leaders are doing that we can follow, learn about and jump in with them or start our own. There’s so many actionable items here. So, jump over to I look forward to seeing you there, and I look forward to talking to you next time.

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