On I Share Hope’s site you can read and listen to motivational podcast interviews with leaders from many walks of life. We reach out to people who are leaders in their fields to see what they can teach us about hope. You’ll hear their true inspirational stories and hear their answers to the five questions we ask all our guests. Our talks cover a wide range of topics including, abuse, addiction, art business, depression, disability, discrimination, recovery, relationships, science, and survival.
We’ll be randomly highlighting one I Share Hope participant and summarizing their message. This week we’ll look at Dr. Denis Ndeloh, primatologist.
He talks about seizing the opportunity to stand up for what you believe in. He grew up in Cameroon in a very large family with a father who hunted animals in the forest. His father’s stories about the animals, particularly chimpanzees, caught his imagination and lead him to eventually study primatology.
What an amazingly unique view of the world this man must have! How have his experiences shaped his view about life and hope. How did Jane Goodall shape is life choices, his career choices? How did hope enable him to study something as ‘impractical” as primatology? How does his unique understanding of both poacher and conservationist bring new insight and tools to the problems of saving the primates of Africa. Listen to his description of his darkest moments and how he found inspiration to continue and his refusal to live in the forest of prejudice.
To hear his views, h is stories and to be inspired by him, listen to his interview here.