I Share Hope is a website, a community if you will, of people who give and receive motivation amongst each other. Through a series of motivation podcasts we hope to inspire people around the world to do good for themselves, and for those around them. We post interviews of people with true, inspirational stories of hope of life, healing and hope. Our blog series will have a similar theme. Each week, we’ll briefly touch upon some aspect of the healing process.

Today’s message is ‘Each Moment is New Chance’. I’m a big believer in living in the moment, and in healing the wounds, both great and small, that each one of us has experienced in life. I come to this from the casual practice of Mindfulness, among other studies. My take on it is that each moment that we are alive, is an opportunity to start anew. Every action we take is a choice, and so each moment gives us a new opportunity to make the right choice. And knowing this is part of seeing hope in the present moment the next moment and all those that follow. As long as wee there is a choice to make, we have hope.

If you’ve been struggling with an issue and you know what the right thing to do is, but don’t seem to get your actions to comply with your thoughts, keep trying. Whether it is to not take a drink, light a cigarette, or give a over-reactive reaction to some stimuli, keep trying. It is all too easy to just forget to try, to try and fail or just give up trying, but as long as you are breathing, you have another chance to try to make things better. Habits are hard to break and it takes time. Be patient with yourself. Have hope.

If you’d like to hear about how leaders from around the world share their hope, listen to I Share Hope podcasts of true inspirational stories. Some stories are of intense personal struggles and some are existential experiments but we can gain something from each of them. We can learn about the choices that exist in the world and we can gain courage and hope from others.