1. Robert-Williams-I-Share-Hope

    Random Acts of Kindness with Robert Williams #isharehope Episode 78

    Robert Williams Website (The Kindness Offensive) Youtube Flickr Co Founder of The Kindness Offensive (or TKO for short). The Kindness Offensive (or TKO for short), founded in 2008 by Robert Williams with three of his friends, had mobilised volunteers to donate, wrap and then deliver 38 tonnes of toys across the capital. Recipients included children in hospitals across London, while the children of…Read More

  2. Daniella-Cohen-I-Share-Hope

    GIVE and share hope with Daniella Cohen #isharehope Episode 77

    Daniella Cohen Website Twitter (Personal) Facebook (InspireEd) Facebook (Born This Way Foundation) Daniella Cohen is a senior at Highland Park High School in Illinois and is passionate about empathy and education. She currently serves on youth advisory boards to Born This Way Foundation and Ashoka’s Youth Venture. She is also the co-founder of her own project, G.I.V.E. (go.innovate.volunteer.edu…Read More

  3. Aleksei-Budõlin-I-Share-Hope

    Mentoring Hope with Aleksei Budõlin #isharehope Episode 68

    Aleksei Budõlin Website Facebook Aleksei Budõlin is an Estonian judoka. At the 2000 Summer Olympics he won the bronze medal in the men's Half Middleweight (73–81 kg) category, together with Nuno Delgado of Portugal. Sydney Olympics 2000, bronze 1 silver, 1 bronze from World Championships 1 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze medals from European Championships Head Coach of the National Judo Team, as well…Read More

  4. Cristina-Gabetti-I-Share-Hope

    42 Cristina Gabetti – Tina Turner, Sustainability, #Hope – #isharehope

    Cristina Gabetti Website (Italian) Website (English) Facebook Twitter Hope is an emotional experience. It’s a burning desire that I couple with faith, which is a rational choice to believe that my hopes will or can come true. The courage to dream nurtures hope and then comes a practical side, the perseverance to keep replenishing courage to dream and to hope. I am Cristina Gabetti and I Share Ho…Read More

  5. Angelina-Estrada-Burney-I-Share-Hope

    37: Angelina Estrada-Burney – Tried and True #Hope – #isharehope

    Angelina Estrada-Burney Websites: Anchorage Untold Stories www.murkowski.senate.gov “I think, personally, hope for me is just something to look forward to as I start each day in a positive way. So, it’s something to look forward to when something good is going to happen whether that good is created by me or whether it comes my way. Hope is this attitude that I keep with me and whether that’s…Read More

  6. Robin-Jones-Gunn-I-Share-Hope

    32: Robin Jones Gunn – Bestselling Author of Hope – #isharehope

    Robin Gunn facebook twitter instagram website “I think that hope is the teenage version of a wish, but then when it grows into faith, there’s something solid that becomes that sort of vehicle that takes you to whatever it is that God’s doing. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and don’t lean on your own understanding and acknowledge him in all your ways. He will direct your path. You st…Read More

  7. Marina-Mahathir-I-Share-Hope

    28: Marina Mahathir – Taking #hope across religious, political and social borders – #isharehope

    Marina Mahathir facebook twitter blog website 1 website 2 “I once did a conference called International Muslim Leaders Conference on HIV AIDS. It was all going pretty well and then some people decided to cause trouble and it really got nasty. There were people crying, there were people shouting and I was the chair of the whole conference, so I had to manage it all. It was the most terrible five …Read More

  8. 5th-Grade-Students-I-Share-Hope

    09: 5th Grade Students – Simply powerful hope – I Share Hope

    “My Uncle, because he leads a prayer in our mosque. He always gives us hope when he has a lecture or a speech. I always take his advice and I always achieve what I want to do.” — 5th Grade Student The future world leaders in Ms Bartholomew's 5th Grade Class at Richland Elementary simplify hope for those of us who have allowed growing up to get in the way of hope. Simple and powerful!  …Read More