1. Athena-Moberg-I-Share-Hope

    43 Athena Moberg – Hope vs. Abuse – #isharehope

    Athena Moberg     Website Trauma Recovery University EntreTalk   ::   Bio Email   ::   Skype Facebook   ::   Twitter Google+   ::   LinkedIn RokuTV channel   ::   YouTube channel “My definition of hope is knowing that there is something better out there even if I don’t know what it is yet. For anyone out there that’s survived any type of isolation or abuse or anything and you j…Read More

  2. Vivian-Melde-I-Share-Hope

    35: Vivian Melde – Waiting with #hope – #isharehope

    Vivian Melde facebook website “You hear the term ‘keep hope alive’ and keeping hope alive, I think, gives you something to live for. When I see positive things that happen in my life and around me, I know that there is hope. From Anchorage, Alaska this is Vivian Melde and I Share Hope.” — Vivian Melde Vivian Melde works for Ecology and Environment, Inc., as an environmental consultant, s…Read More

  3. Grant-Baldwin-I-Share-Hope

    27: Grant Baldwin – Who are you? vs. What do you have or do? – #isharehope

    Grant Baldwin facebook twitter instagram website video “You have a choice. You can look at those things like this is a miserable thing and this sucks and I can be ticked off and miserable and jaded or I can decide that this is life, this isn’t fair, maybe I didn’t do anything to deserve it, but it happens. That’s when it makes for a better story in the end. It makes for a better come back.…Read More

  4. Sean-Swarner-I-Share-Hope

    25: Sean Swarner – Cancer, Everest, Ironman, South Pole, #hope – #isharehope

    Sean Swarner facebook twitter website 1 website 2 “Our body can live for roughly 30 days without food. The human condition can sustain itself for about three days without water, but no human being alive can live for more than 30 seconds without hope because without hope, what do we have left? Everybody has down days. Everybody has sad days. Everybody has frustration. Everybody has days where the…Read More

  5. Dante-Jimenez-I-Share-Hope

    24: Dante LA. Jimenez – Hope vs Corruption – #isharehope

    Dante LA. Jimenez website “December 20, 1990, my brother was shot by a drug syndicate because of a mistaken identity. After a year, my father had a heart stroke because of the sadness that he felt. He carried it. When my grandmother saw the coffin of my father, she fell down and she wasn’t able to recover. She died after four months of grief. I lost three loved ones Chris, I tell you… You gi…Read More

  6. TA-Robertson-I-Share-Hope

    21: T.A. Robertson – Hope in Homelessness – #isharehope

    T.A. Robertson website “You bet you want to medicate your pain, your thoughts, why things are the way they are. I mean honestly, when you get to those points, when you start getting those questions asked to you about do you want to stop, why are you doing it, that’s when you really got to just be honest. If you enjoy getting high and enjoy staying where you’re at, well this is where you’re…Read More

  7. Nega-Meaza-I-Share-Hope

    15: Nega Meaza: 4 million orphans and even more hope. #isharehope

    Nega Meaza email website facebook “They will tell you it’s because of their family situation, because of the problem they have, because of poverty, they will say, “ We have no hope.”, but it’s not true. Everybody has hope. I really believe that some of them will be leaders in Ethiopia and beyond. So, the hope is inside the human being, but my part is to show that hope. That’s what we a…Read More

  8. Jonathan-Silk-I-Share-Hope

    11: Jonathan Silk: Accountability and Vulnerability Create Courage: I Share Hope

    Jonathan Silk twitter facebook website “I was near the front of the truck, it blew me to the back of the truck. I just remember lying there and then I came to it. It was really weird and all the noise started coming back. I got up and got back in a fight. I started maneuvering my soldiers, we had nine wounded and that’s when it really started sinking in like, wow, we’re in a huge fight. I’…Read More