1. Greg-Hickman-I-Share-Hope

    03: I Share Hope with Greg Hickman

    Greg Hickman website Twitter Facebook SMS Marketing Handbook “When you’ve identified that one thing, make sure that you’re not allowing other people’s success or what other people have or what you hope to have necessarily define what you think you need to be doing.” — Greg Hickman Greg is the founder of MobileMixed.com. He teaches businesses and entrepreneurs how to use mobile marketi…Read More

  2. Susan-Polgar-I-Share-Hope

    02: I Share Hope with Susan Polgar

    Susan Polgar Website Twitter Facebook Webster/SPICE Amazon Books “I think a person needs three things to be truly happy... have someone to love... find your passion in what you do... and also to have something to hope for... I’m Susan Polgar, a World Chess Champion and the coach of the number 1 ranked collegiate chess team in the United States and I Share Hope!”— Susan Polgar Doug Goldstei…Read More

  3. John-Lee-Dumas-I-Share-Hope

    01: I Share Hope with John Lee Dumas

    John Lee Dumas EOFire.com eofire.com/gift twitter.com/johnleedumas facebook.com/EntrepreneurOnFire “I made a pledge that I was never going to live a life that wasn’t really symbolic of who I was...” — John Lee Dumas John Lee Dumas is the Founder and Host of EntrepreneurOnFire, awarded 'Best of iTunes 2013'. John interviews today's most inspiring and successful Entrepreneurs 7-days a week …Read More

  4. Chris-Williams-I-Share-Hope

    00: I Share Hope with Chris Williams

    Chris Williams www.isharehope.com twitter.com/chriswilliamshq facebook.com/chriswilliamshq  ““...what if I ask 1,000 leaders from all over the globe the same five questions about hope...”” — Chris Williams   Chris Williams is the Host of the I Share Hope podcast -- a daily show interviewing 1,000 of the world's greatest leaders of hope, sharing their stories and action steps fo…Read More