1. Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah I Share Hope

    Emmanuel’s Dream…Ghana’s Hope with Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah #isharehope Episode 98

    Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah Website Facebook Twitter GoFundMe Emmanuel's Gift Documentary (Youtube) A man with one leg rides his bicycle and tries to change the world. Emmanuel is an athlete with a humble goal: to help people with disabilities in Africa, and eventually all over the world. He was born in Ghana, with only one good leg. In Africa, people born with a disability are shunned, left for dead or…Read More

  2. Tafadzwa Nyamuzihwa I Share Hope

    Seeing hope shine with Tafadzwa Nyamuzihwa #isharehope Episode 90

    Tafadzwa Nyamuzihwa Website Facebook Twitter Radio Show Tafadzwa Nyamuzihwa, founder of the organization, grew up in an orphanage since the age of one. He attained primary and secondary education in Harare, Zimbabwe, and went to study in South Africa towards a Diploma in Sports Management in 2006. Tafadzwa, at the age of 25, became totally blind in 2009 due to a retinal detachment that resulted fr…Read More

  3. Beth Steinberg I Share Hope

    Learning outside school with Beth Steinberg #isharehope Episode 87

    Beth Steinberg Website Writing Facebook (Shutaf) Facebook (Personal) Twitter (Shutaf) Twitter (Personal) Beth Steinberg is the executive director and co-founder of Shutaf Inclusion Programs, offering year-round, informal-education programs for children, teens and young people with disabilities in Jerusalem. Shutaf is committed to an inclusive teaching model that welcomes all participants - with a…Read More

  4. Ryan-Weimer-Magic-Wheelchair-I-Share-Hope

    Magic of Hope with Ryan Weimer #isharehope Episode 76

    Ryan Weimer Website (Magic Wheelchair) Facebook Twitter I'm just a regular dude, a nurse, a father, husband, a nerd and founder of a non-profit that builds EPIC costumes for kiddos in wheelchairs!!! I look at life through eyes that try to see the best in all. I cling to hope and happiness and know that no matter what comes my way if I just hang onto my faith, do right and good, things will work o…Read More

  5. Patrick-Henry-Hughes-I-Share-Hope

    29: Patrick Henry Hughes – The clear vision of blind #hope – #isharehope

    Patrick Henry Hughes facebook website book website video “Of course they understand that there are things that I physically cannot do, but perhaps try other things before completely giving up. Learn from the mistakes, don’t dwell on the mistakes, but learn from them and perhaps try to find a way to do better in case a similar opportunity should arrive. Life is truly a blessing and we should al…Read More

  6. Jessica-Cox-I-Share-Hope

    18: Jessica Cox – Handsfree Hope – #isharehope

    Jessica Cox facebook twitter website Motivational Services “Obviously, I had to come to terms very quick. I couldn’t hide away, but I did have prosthetics for 11 years and I often talk about how wearing prosthetics, in a way, it normalized me but after 11 years, first day of eighth grade, I was 14 and I decided I would leave them behind and I walk to the bus stop without them. And when I walke…Read More

  7. Jonathan-Silk-I-Share-Hope

    11: Jonathan Silk: Accountability and Vulnerability Create Courage: I Share Hope

    Jonathan Silk twitter facebook website “I was near the front of the truck, it blew me to the back of the truck. I just remember lying there and then I came to it. It was really weird and all the noise started coming back. I got up and got back in a fight. I started maneuvering my soldiers, we had nine wounded and that’s when it really started sinking in like, wow, we’re in a huge fight. I’…Read More