1. How To Heal The Family After A Loved One Attempts Suicide

    by Steve Johnson Attempting to move on and heal after a loved one tries to harm themselves is never easy. Emotions are high and sometimes feelings of denial, blame, or guilt interfere with the family’s ability to come together. A suicide attempt can forever alter the lives of the people involved, and if there is no resolution, there can be no healing. It’s important to remember that when a lov…Read More

  2. What I've Learned Blog I Share Hope

    #WhatI’veLearned: Hope is Real

    By: Czarina Atienza I’ve been freelancing as a transcriptionist for years now and I’ve transcribed a wide variety of topics from TV shows to legal to religion to medical. No matter how sensitive or personal or outrageous the topic, I’ve always just considered them as “a job” that comes and goes. I don’t agree or disagree. I don’t judge. I don’t learn. I don’t empathize. I’m the…Read More

  3. Hope for a Rainbow Nation: Getting to know Nelson Mandela

    Who is Nelson Mandela? When I was asked to write about Nelson Mandela, I had very little knowledge about the man, or apartheid or the oppression that happened. After reading about him, I instantly understood why he was so great. The idea of a rainbow nation, of equality, of peace and of freedom, which he was so prepared to fight and die for, that was a dream that he dared to live. It was a dream f…Read More

  4. Father's day blog I Share Hope

    Father’s Secret: A Father’s Day Tribute

    "Any man can father a child, but it takes a real man to be a dad." So for those who happily took up the challenge, thank you! You have made the world a better place by being there for your child. Sometimes the word “dad” it’s associated with a strict, rigid, not very touchy-feely, type of guy – those are just the things that we often see on the outside. They need to be strong because they…Read More

  5. Mothers Day I Share Hope Blog

    My Mom Thinks I’m a Champion!?

    My mom thinks I’m a champion. She thinks I can do all things better than anyone else. Sometimes she’s so persistent that I actually start believing that I can be one - a champion. As I grew older and became a parent myself, I realized what she was doing. She was molding me into the kind of person that’s better than the best she has seen. She’s not perfect, far from it, but she’s seen en…Read More