1. john-vespasian-i-share-hope

    Be Rational. Be Realistic. Be Hopeful with John Vespasian #isharehope Episode 112

    John Vespasian Blog Site Books Twitter Facebook Author of seven books about rational living, including "When Everything Fails, Try This" (2009), "Rationality Is the Way to Happiness" (2009), "The Philosophy of Builders: How to Build a Great Future with the Pieces from Your Past" (2010), "The 10 Principles of Rational Living" (2012), "Rational Living, Rational Working: How to Make Winning Moves Whe…Read More

  2. Irene-ONeill-I-Share-Hope

    Listen. Relate. Understand with Irene O’Neill #isharehope Episode 110

    Irene O’Neill Website Facebook Group "The Most Important Thing is Hope" Article Victim to Victor Painting I became a Recovery Educator in April 2009, but since April 2004, I have facilitated PSR classes in W.R.A.P., Self-Advocacy, Healthy Grieving, Understanding Bipolar Disorder, Ready for Change, Stress Management, Expressive Writing/Poetry, Expressive Arts, and various Pre-Vocational Classes a…Read More

  3. Ananda-Shankar-Jayant-I-Share-Hope

    Dance with Hope…It connects all of us with Ananda Shankar Jayant #isharehope Episode 108

    Ananda Shankar Jayant Website Facebook Instagram Youtube Channel TEDx Talk Dr Ananda Shankar Jayant, inhabits the worlds of administration, academics, and arts; straddling them with equal ease. Celebrated as one of India’s most eminent and renowned classical dancer, choreographer and dance scholar, Ananda’s artistic body of work ,spans mythologies and abstraction, historical chronicles and wom…Read More

  4. Kathy-Shorr-I-Share-Hope

    Hope is a clear photo of endless possibilities… with Kathy Shorr #isharehope Episode 106

    Kathy Shorr Website Shot Facebook Twitter Instagram Kathy Shorr was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her work is rooted in documentary, portraiture and street photography. She received her undergraduate degree in photography from the School of Visual Arts and an MS in Education, earned while working as a New York City Teaching Fellow in the public schools in crisis. Shorr’s work has been shown in gal…Read More

  5. John-Atkins-I-Share-Hope

    Ukelele Teacher- Don’t Give Up! Something cool may come along…with John Atkins #isharehope Episode 100

    John Atkins Youtube Facebook Twitter After making a few online ukulele tutorials to amuse a friend a few years ago, I've since managed to parlay it into a career as a full-time YouTube who has given up his office job in IT and travelled across the USA to meet several of my viewers in person. For a mini animated version of the story, check out my Draw My Life video here! https://www.youtube.com/wat…Read More

  6. Gene and Martha Finney on I Share Hope

    Timeless hope with Gene and Martha Finney #isharehope Episode 97

    Timeless hope with Gene and Martha Finney #isharehope Episode 97 The Father Son Reunion (video) Reed Riders (Youtube) Creative Aging Gene (88) and Martha (84) Finney share their story of hope from the 1950s. Gene is a World War II veteran who served the navy for about two years. After the war ended, Gene took the option of taking a course under the GI bill which offered a cosmetology course and a …Read More

  7. Izzy Arkin I Share Hope

    Feel the power of Hope with Izzy Arkin #isharehope Episode 88

    Izzy Arkin Why Not Live An Awesome Life The 30-year-old Ninja Facebook Twitter Izzy is a former middle school teacher who quit his job to follow his childhood dream: to become a  ninja. That lead Izzy to Japan where he intensively studied Aikido for 4 years. Presently, he is on a journey to train 1,000 hours in the best dojos in the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ij0HazZcdBA Feel the powe…Read More

  8. Dennis Gyamfi I Share Hope

    Youth..Our future..Our Hope with Dennis Gyamfi #isharehope Episode 82

    Dennis Gyamfi Website (Endz2Endz) Website (Positive View Org) Facebook (Personal) Facebook (Endz2Endz) Twitter (Personal) Twitter (Endz2Endz) Youtube My name is Dennis Gyamfi, born and bred in Ghana but moved over to the United Kingdom at the age of 10. At my arrival I had the opportunity to meet my siblings and mother for the first time. In the United Kingdom I lived on Somerleyton estate and att…Read More

  9. Jaime-Bautista-I-Share-Hope

    The Art of Hope with Jaime Bautista #isharehope Episode 72

    Jaime Bautista Website Facebook Videos JAIME BAUTISTA was born in Colombia, an ex-student of Civil Engineering and a self-taught artist. Amongst working with conventional art mediums he has also developed a special technique for his models and pictures with a material normally associated with kindergarten use- Plasticine. Not only did he develop this technique in the artistic sense, he went furthe…Read More

  10. Rintu-Rathod-I-Share-Hope

    Sharing Food…Sharing Hope with Rintu Rathod #isharehope Episode 71

    Rintu Rathod Website Facebook (Personal) Facebook (Rini Bakes) Twitter I am a commercial designer turned designer baker. I try to spread awareness and help people through my art and my medium of art and expression is my cakes. I have tried to create awareness on the subjects like Save the girl child and Food waste through my cakes. I have been making edible Ganesha idol for the last 4 years to sen…Read More