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    Hope is physical and spiritual strength with Chouchou Namegabe #isharehope Episode 102

    Chouchou Namegabe Website Facebook (AFEM) Facebook (Personal) Twitter Chouchou Namegabe is a Congolese activist, radio journalist, and founder and director of the organization South Kivu Women's Media Association (AFEM in french). Ms. Namegabe trains rural and urban Congolese women as journalists specifically to report about sexual violence and human rights abuses. With her organization she uses t…Read More

  2. Hope is knowing WE BELONG…with Amy Bleuel #isharehope Episode 101

    Amy Bleuel Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Amy Bleuel is the founder of Project Semicolon. Project Semicolon is a global non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and love for those who are struggling with mental illness, suicide, addiction and self-injury. Project Semicolon exists to encourage, love and inspire. After overcoming many obstacles in her life including bullying, rej…Read More

  3. Bill-Murray-I-Share-Hope

    57-Bill Murray – Beating abusive #hope – #isharehope

    Bill Murray Website Blog YouTube Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Bill Murray, survivor, public safety advocate, founder of National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (NAASCA.org), host of the Internet talk radio show "Stop Child Abuse Now" (BlogTalkRadio.com/Bill-Murray), and founder of ASCAA, a 12 Step recovery program for adult survivors of child abuse (ASCA12step.org), shared his story wi…Read More

  4. KiloMarie-Granda-I-Share-Hope

    52 KiloMarie Granda – #Rape vs. #Hope – #isharehope

    KiloMarie Granda Website Facebook (Unspoken Voices) Facebook (Personal) Twitter (Unspoken Voices) Google+ LinkedIn (Personal) YouTube “Holding on to something that you can’t really see, but you feel is there even in the darkest times, so it’s a light that you keep reaching towards, that you keep…Sometimes when we’re flat on our back, when we just don’t think we can go anymore, it’s …Read More

  5. Princess-Olufemi-Kayode-I-Share-Hope

    51 Dr. Princess Olufemi – Kayode – Abused but not Hopeless – #isharehope

    Dr. Princess Olufemi - Kayode Ashoka MediaConcern Facebook (MediaCon) Facebook (Official Page) Twitter (Personal) Twitter (MediaCon) YouTube “I have gone through different stages of my life from the very basics to seeing different forms of abuses from different forms of people apart from family members who have taken advantage of my childhood. I got to be a teenager, I faced abused. I got to be …Read More

  6. Bobbi-Parish-I-Share-Hope

    47 Bobbi Parish – Trauma vs Hope – #isharehope

    Bobbi Parish Website :: Gmail Facebook :: Twitter #NoMoreShame Email #NoMoreShame Facebook #NoMoreShame Twitter YouTube :: Roku TV “Hope is a belief that good things are ahead of you. I’ve been to those awful places. One of the most difficult task that I faced is convincing a survivor that there is hope by telling my story and letting others know that there is a way out of a horrible situation…Read More

  7. Athena-Moberg-I-Share-Hope

    43 Athena Moberg – Hope vs. Abuse – #isharehope

    Athena Moberg     Website Trauma Recovery University EntreTalk   ::   Bio Email   ::   Skype Facebook   ::   Twitter Google+   ::   LinkedIn RokuTV channel   ::   YouTube channel “My definition of hope is knowing that there is something better out there even if I don’t know what it is yet. For anyone out there that’s survived any type of isolation or abuse or anything and you j…Read More

  8. Diana-Opoti-I-Share-Hope

    40: Diana Opoti – The fashion of #hope – #isharehope

    Diana Opoti Website Twitter Facebook Designing Africa Oneness Campaign "Well, about five or six years ago my mom passed away and I started dating this guy. It became an abusive, obsessive relationship and it took a lot for me to get out of that. Even when I did, because it was really difficult, when I did pull away from the relationship, I was stammering, I was very afraid, I had no confidence. A …Read More

  9. Michael-Broussard-I-Share-Hope

    38: Michael Broussard – Ask a sex abuse survivor about hope – #isharehope

    Michael Broussard Facebook Twitter Website “There was a time in my life where I looked up and I did not see white or hope at all. I didn’t feel like things would ever change and for me hope has become defined as the understanding that things can and will change and you, as an individual, have control over what direction that change takes and have control over seeing hope. It’s a point of vie…Read More