I Share Hope is a website that shares stories and of hope and survival through true, motivational podcasts. Hope comes in all sizes and shapes.
It’s not always about survival on one person; sometimes it looks at the survival of the entire human race and the planet. Sometimes it involves both.
Who is this person His idea of hope is about looking forward. John Lennon’s Imagine is an inspiration to him in that you first imagine something and then you get people to join you in your ideal. The thing he gives credit to for carrying him through his dark moments is something akin to the Force or God. He is also a survivor of cancer and went through some dark times during the cancer treatment.
We can learn about hope from facing our worst fears. He had to undergo stem cell replacement therapy to treat his cancer.
Mattias Thambert faced his fears and now he puts hope into action by recycling furniture that was made to be disposable. But that furniture was made from virgin materials so it essentially wasteful. He doesn’t recycle the furniture; that would be tearing it down to basic elements and starting over. He reuses, and restores and refurbishes furniture: he calls this refurning. He creates jobs, and saves CO2 output, how much good is he doing for the earth by doing what he’s doing. The exact number isn’t as important as the fact that he’s doing *something*. There is a powerful metaphor here that can be applied to people. Just as the furniture is saved from the dustbin, people who are used and abused are often ‘thrown out’, but can be saved.
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