I Share Hope is an online community of survivors and do-ers who share their true inspirational stories of hope to inspire others to keep going through their own struggles. We believe in actionable hope, not just inspirations ideas or thoughts, but things to actually act on to improve your life and heal yourself. I Share Hope is a global initiative begun by Chris Williams to interview 100 leaders from around the world to learn about their vision of hope.

Michele Rosenthal is the author of Heal Your PTSD: Dynamic Strategies that Work. She knows that we all have higher inspirations in life and hers is to help PTSD sufferers. She reacted to her trauma (a severe allergic reaction that virtually turned her body into that of a burn victim) by exerting ultra control over her body via anorexia. Many PTSD sufferers react by seeking to control their world as a reaction to not having been able to control the factors that lead to their trauma. She finally sought psychological help. Through her own recovery, she learned to manage her symptoms of severe anxiety, up to a point. Another episode led her to change direction toward ?. She studied dissociation and PTSD and realized she had PTSD. Through her resilience and self-advocacy, she was able to begin to recover. She then became formally trained to help others. She is now a personal coach and hypnotist who helps other recover from their own PTSD. She sees PTSD as partially an identity crisis about who you were before the trauma and who you are not, and who you want to be.

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