I Share Hope is an online community of people who have survived experiences of abuse, war, violence, and people (many times the same people) who are using their lives to change the world. We share true inspirational stories, via motivational podcasts, of people struggling against either their past trauma or what they see as coming catastrophes. Such is the case of Lihn Do,  an environmentalist,  community organizer, journalist and expert in strategy development. Her idea of hope is centered around resiliency. A strong belief in something gives you the resiliency, the perseverance to tackle large tasks, to work to overcome obstacles until you get a satisfactory outcome. Getting up every day and trying once again, even if the results seem far off. Through her magazine The Verb, she shares hope daily.

One of the things they do at The Verb is to tell stories about people facing changes in livelihood as a result of climate change, as well as stories about people on the ground who are working to turn around the current situation. They tell stories of people doing small acts and large. Whether it is encouraging others to not pollute, or working to change legislations on national levels. She believes that the whole population of the Earth needs to change not just attitudes, but our actions as well.

Her advice to begin to taking action so that you can plant the seeds of hope is to not just share the inspirational quotes on Instagram, start on your insides, but really takes shape when you act on the inspirational quotes and memes.

To learn more about Lihn Do, her activism, and her vision of hope, click here.