Listen in and join our online community. Community can do so much for people recovering from bad situations. Maybe it’s your ‘everyday’ kind of break up or, maybe you are still dealing with trauma from your childhood; there is room for hope. We are an online, intentionally hopeful community. The project around which we are centered is the dream child of Chris Williams. His goal is to interview 100 individuals from all over the world, all leaders in their fields and all who are sharing hope. These motivational podcasts give hope to people all over the world. This week, we are talking about the interview with James Costello.


The term above, ‘intentionally hopeful’, is our general thrust, but today we are going to talk about being intentionally hope-less. In today’s interview, James Costello talks about taking a break from hope as a coping mechanism no less valuable than working on hope. He is a diarist who lives his life in a transparent way and shares his uncensored daily insights and revelation online via several social media outlets. As with many of our guests, James is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and struggles with PTSD and depression. He prides himself on being a voice for the voiceless, and this includes people who just can’t hope anymore. When he talks about his struggles, he makes a point to take breaks from the struggle so that you don’t burn out from the struggle. His example is when you are crying and snot is flying, and you are shaking too much to pick up the phone and you just don’t care anymore. He takes those moments of not caring and expands it to entire days of just not caring about the struggle. Listen to the podcast here and learn more about what he means and his journey.