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I Share Hope is the website of motivational podcasts of an online community of people who are dedicated to sharing hope. The community is made up of people from all walks of life who have experienced some type of hardship and have used hope to overcome it. Many of the people, but not all, have experienced trauma or abuse. Recovering from trauma or abuse is an ongoing process for most people and so the use of hope can be a daily practice. Sharing hope helps others, of course, but it can also be therapeutic for the person sharing the hope.

The I Share Hope project has the goal of interviewing people who are leaders in their fields about their life experiences. Part of our blog series is summarizing podcasts of the these interviews.

This week we will summarize the podcast of Dr. Princess Olufemi. She is an advocate for victims of childhood sexual abuse across Africa. She is a criminal justice psychologist and journalist who works on getting Nigeria as a nation to deal with the issue of childhood sexual abuse. She discusses the guilt that many abuse survivor feel about their abuse and how she overcame that through her faith in God. For her, religion provided the hope that enabled her to grow strong.

She creates actionable hope by taking her message to conferences, provides counseling on WhatsApp, and does trauma and Christian counseling. She also mentors over 30 organizations about prevention and legal aspects of responding to childhood sexual abuse. She is making a difference and it all springs from hope!

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