1. Marina-Mahathir-I-Share-Hope

    28: Marina Mahathir – Taking #hope across religious, political and social borders – #isharehope

    Marina Mahathir facebook twitter blog website 1 website 2 “I once did a conference called International Muslim Leaders Conference on HIV AIDS. It was all going pretty well and then some people decided to cause trouble and it really got nasty. There were people crying, there were people shouting and I was the chair of the whole conference, so I had to manage it all. It was the most terrible five …Read More

  2. Grant-Baldwin-I-Share-Hope

    27: Grant Baldwin – Who are you? vs. What do you have or do? – #isharehope

    Grant Baldwin facebook twitter instagram website video “You have a choice. You can look at those things like this is a miserable thing and this sucks and I can be ticked off and miserable and jaded or I can decide that this is life, this isn’t fair, maybe I didn’t do anything to deserve it, but it happens. That’s when it makes for a better story in the end. It makes for a better come back.…Read More

  3. Gustav-Nossal-I-Share-Hope

    26: Sir Gustav Nossal – Biology, Immunology, World Leadership and #Hope – #isharehope

    Sir Gustav Nossal Websites: World Health OrganizationBill and Melinda Gates Foundation Wikipedia The Nossal High School  “To actually share whatever optimism you have developed about betterment of the society and the relief of social injustices. Whereas if you can take action by sharing your hopefulness in your everyday life by recognizing that you see the world positively. Project this hopeful…Read More

  4. Sean-Swarner-I-Share-Hope

    25: Sean Swarner – Cancer, Everest, Ironman, South Pole, #hope – #isharehope

    Sean Swarner facebook twitter website 1 website 2 “Our body can live for roughly 30 days without food. The human condition can sustain itself for about three days without water, but no human being alive can live for more than 30 seconds without hope because without hope, what do we have left? Everybody has down days. Everybody has sad days. Everybody has frustration. Everybody has days where the…Read More

  5. Dante-Jimenez-I-Share-Hope

    24: Dante LA. Jimenez – Hope vs Corruption – #isharehope

    Dante LA. Jimenez website “December 20, 1990, my brother was shot by a drug syndicate because of a mistaken identity. After a year, my father had a heart stroke because of the sadness that he felt. He carried it. When my grandmother saw the coffin of my father, she fell down and she wasn’t able to recover. She died after four months of grief. I lost three loved ones Chris, I tell you… You gi…Read More

  6. Umar-Saif-I-Share-Hope

    23: Umar Saif – The technology of #hope – #isharehope

    Umar Saif twitter website Wikipedia  “My definition of hope is trying to persevere. If someone is willing to persevere in the fields of adversity, you’re basically driven by this force that we call hope. This ability to persevere with the hope that you would come out on top and survive is what, for me, defines hope. My name is Umar Saif and I Share Hope all the way from Pakistan.”— Umar S…Read More

  7. Lisa-Robertson-I-Share-Hope

    22: Lisa Robertson – Hope vs Addiction. How she is winning the battle. #isharehope

    Lisa Robertson email website “My definition of hope is like I said, expecting something different because I have found myself in certain situations where I was hoping for something different to come out of it. So, I’m hoping for something different to take place. So, once I started practicing, picking my bible, that’s how I built my relationship with Christ. Things started changing for me. M…Read More

  8. TA-Robertson-I-Share-Hope

    21: T.A. Robertson – Hope in Homelessness – #isharehope

    T.A. Robertson website “You bet you want to medicate your pain, your thoughts, why things are the way they are. I mean honestly, when you get to those points, when you start getting those questions asked to you about do you want to stop, why are you doing it, that’s when you really got to just be honest. If you enjoy getting high and enjoy staying where you’re at, well this is where you’re…Read More