1. Chris-Williams-I-Share-Hope

    Season 01 Final Episode with Chris Williams #isharehope Episode 123

    Chris Williams Website Facebook (I Share Hope) Twitter Instagram https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByF0aWeT0vY Hello I Share Hope audience! This is Chris Williams, host of I Share Hope. It’s so great to see you here again. Let me tell you what I’m doing right now. We are wrapping up Season 1 of I Share Hope. That’s right. This is 125 episodes if you count it as podcast or count this right here…Read More

  2. amelia-earhart-i-share-hope

    Hope and Positivity! with Amelia Earhart #isharehope Episode 122

    Amelia Earhart Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Named by the Jaycees as one of the "Top Ten Young Americans", Amelia Rose Earhart recreated and symbolically completed the 1937 flight of her namesake, Amelia Mary Earhart. Her 28,000 mile flight around the world in a single engine aircraft became a symbol of determination, courage and empowerment for anyone who has ever decided to seek new horizon…Read More

  3. abdelrahman-aldaqqa-i-share-hope

    Find Good in Everyone..in Everything with Abdelrahman Al-daqqa #isharehope Episode 121

    Abdelrahman Al-daqqa Horizons Palestine Blog MWD Co Slideshare LinkedIn Doctor at Palestinian ministry of health, Horizons Representative in Palestine, Palestinian campaign to raise awareness about internet safety and pornography addiction, Healthy university Initiative. A motivated, young entrepreneur, volunteer, and social activist doctor, I am very interested in the innovation in the health car…Read More

  4. hunter-halder-i-share-hope

    Hope is everywhere… with Hunter Halder #isharehope Episode 120

    Hunter Halder Website Facebook Hunter Halder: An American at home in Portugal who, after a wide range of diverse and seeming unconnected career experiences, found his purpose as a dedicated volunteer when, at the tender age of 59, he founded the Re-food Movement. Now it all makes sense :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXy0AsDy9Hc Hope is everywhere... with Hunter Halder #isharehope Episode 120 S…Read More

  5. nora-jaccaud-i-share-hope

    Hope diminishes Fear with Nora Jaccaud #isharehope Episode 119

    Nora Jaccaud Website Facebook Twitter Instagram TEDx Talk   Human Postcards is an ongoing series of 60 second video portraits, capturing the inspirational and often powerful messages of everyday people from around the world. My passion in life is to learn from others by observing and listening. As a child I would collect stories from people the way kids collect seashells. Nothing could stop m…Read More

  6. amberley-snyder-i-share-hope

    Hope can never be taken away… with Amberley Snyder #isharehope Episode 118

    Amberley Snyder Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube Amberley was born in California and moved to Utah when she was seven. She is the second of six children in her family. She started riding horses at the age of three and competing in rodeo at the age of seven. Amberley competed all through junior high and high school qualifying for numerous national rodeos. Amberley has won multiple titles …Read More

  7. lisa-sanchez-i-share-hope

    Fighting the War on Drugs with Hope with Lisa Sanchez #isharehope Episode 117

    Lisa Sanchez Website (Spanish) Website (English) Twitter (MUCD) Twitter (TDPF) Twitter (personal) Facebook (personal) Oslo Freedom Forum Youtube Lisa holds a B.A. in International Relations from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico and the Institute of Political Studies in Paris (Sciences Po), a M.A. in Political Science from the University Paris I (Panthéon Sorbonne) and a M.Sc. in Public Managem…Read More

  8. sophie-grig-i-share-hope

    Respect, Understanding & Hope for the Tribal People with Sophie Grig #isharehope Episode 116

    Sophie Grig Website Facebook Twitter Sophie Grig, senior campaigner at Survival International. Sophie Grig has been with Survival since 1995 and has campaigned against the annihilation of tribal peoples in Bangladesh, India, Siberia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, West Papua and Indonesia. She has visited tribal communities in South America, Asia and Melanesia. Sophie has also campaigned on…Read More

  9. gemma-mortensen-i-share-hope

    Being Hopeful is being ready for Change with Gemma Mortensen #isharehope Episode 115

    Gemma Mortensen Website Twitter (change.org) Twitter (personal) Gemma joined Change.org in January 2016, assuming responsibility for the company's General Management globally. She was previously Executive Director of Crisis Action, having joined as the second member of staff in 2006, and led the organization to receive the 2012 MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions and the 2013 S…Read More

  10. alejandro-brauer-i-share-hope

    Hope is about opportunities and possibilities for all with Alejandro Brauer #isharehope Episode 114

    Alejandro Brauer Website Facebook (Stimulo) Facebook  Twitter Advocate of equality and social inclusion for those with intellectual disabilities, through his organisation, Stimulo. Stimulo is an organisation that has been working to defend the human rights of people with intellectual disabilities. We fight for total social inclusion, positive social participation and full access to opportunities.…Read More