1. Amy-Bodden-Bowllan-I-Share-Hope

    12: Amy Bodden Bowllan: From Mandela to Emmys to Breast Cancer to Hope: I Share Hope

    Amy Bowllan Twitter/CBowllan Twitter/CBowllan facebook pinterest blog “Even the smallest crayon leaves a mark.” — Amy Bodden Bowllan Educator, two-time Emmy Award recipient, wife and mother of two, Amy Bodden Bowllan is a true humanitarian whose imprint on our society will indirectly leave its mark for generations. Understanding that knowledge is power, Amy plays an active role in building …Read More

  2. Jonathan-Silk-I-Share-Hope

    11: Jonathan Silk: Accountability and Vulnerability Create Courage: I Share Hope

    Jonathan Silk twitter facebook website “I was near the front of the truck, it blew me to the back of the truck. I just remember lying there and then I came to it. It was really weird and all the noise started coming back. I got up and got back in a fight. I started maneuvering my soldiers, we had nine wounded and that’s when it really started sinking in like, wow, we’re in a huge fight. I’…Read More

  3. Doug-Goldstein-I-Share-Hope

    10: Doug Goldstein – Staying Focused on the Journey – I Share Hope

    Douglas Goldstein twitter facebook Profile Financial Goldstein on Gelt BuildingWealth: Israel BuildingWealth: Stocks Rich as a King “There’s a very famous quote that I like that I’ll say in English, but it comes from the philosophies of the rabbis of the bible from thousands of years ago and it says: ‘It’s not up to you to finish the job, but you’re not allowed to walk away from it.’…Read More

  4. 5th-Grade-Students-I-Share-Hope

    09: 5th Grade Students – Simply powerful hope – I Share Hope

    “My Uncle, because he leads a prayer in our mosque. He always gives us hope when he has a lecture or a speech. I always take his advice and I always achieve what I want to do.” — 5th Grade Student The future world leaders in Ms Bartholomew's 5th Grade Class at Richland Elementary simplify hope for those of us who have allowed growing up to get in the way of hope. Simple and powerful!  …Read More

  5. Bill-Courtney-I-Share-Hope

    08: I Share Hope with Bill Courtney

    Bill Courtney twitter facebook website “The exponential rewards you receive as a reaction to the service that you give is phenomenal. If everybody understood that you get back in spades what you put in in terms of service, not only will everybody’s lives be more fulfilling – I mean can you imagine a society look like that? I’m Bill Courtney and I share hope.” — Bill Courtney Bill Cour…Read More

  6. Paul-Truong-I-Share-Hope

    07: I Share Hope with Paul Truong

    Paul Truong Facebook Linkedin ‘I still believe in a place called Hope, a place called America.’ -Bill Clinton. "So, if you are lucky enough to be in this great country, make each day count. My dream is to inspire young people to reach for their dreams, whatever that may be. All they need to do is find their passion, set goals, consistently work to move toward that finish line, and make each d…Read More

  7. David-Hancock-I-Share-Hope

    06: I Share Hope with David Hancock

    David Hancock MorganJamesPublishing Twitter Facebook LinkedIn GuerrillaMarketing ChatWithDavid HabitatforHumanity “I tend to resonate more with Biblical definition of hope, which is confident expectations. Hope is a firm assurance of things that are unclear and unknown, and hope is a fundamental component of life. Without hope, life actually has no meaning at all.” — David Hancock David Han…Read More

  8. Deborah-Northcross-I-Share-Hope

    05: I Share Hope with Deborah Northcross

    Deborah Northcross Deborah would like to connect via the comments section at the end of this page. If you have questions or comments for her she will be happy to joint you there. “I have been really blessed, I think, that I have not had real tragedy in my life and I’m not wishing for it. If I have had that experience and I don’t know it, then I’m really blessed or I’m a really strong per…Read More

  9. Jake-Shimabukuro-I-Share-Hope

    04: I Share Hope with Jake Shimabukuro

    Jake Shimabukuro website Twitter Facebook Instagram iTunes “He was so strict, but every once in a while when I did something really good, he would just look at me and just crack a little smile and you know what? That little smile was the greatest feeling in the world. It was like I just got approval from Grandpa.” — Jake Shimabukuro “Jake is taking the instrument to a place that I can’t…Read More

  10. Greg-Hickman-I-Share-Hope

    03: I Share Hope with Greg Hickman

    Greg Hickman website Twitter Facebook SMS Marketing Handbook “When you’ve identified that one thing, make sure that you’re not allowing other people’s success or what other people have or what you hope to have necessarily define what you think you need to be doing.” — Greg Hickman Greg is the founder of MobileMixed.com. He teaches businesses and entrepreneurs how to use mobile marketi…Read More