1. Robin-Jones-Gunn-I-Share-Hope

    32: Robin Jones Gunn – Bestselling Author of Hope – #isharehope

    Robin Gunn facebook twitter instagram website “I think that hope is the teenage version of a wish, but then when it grows into faith, there’s something solid that becomes that sort of vehicle that takes you to whatever it is that God’s doing. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and don’t lean on your own understanding and acknowledge him in all your ways. He will direct your path. You st…Read More

  2. Korvi-Rakshand-I-Share-Hope

    31: Korvi Rakshand – Mentoring a generation in the #hope of education – #isharehope

    Korvi Rakshand facebook twitter website video “All these kids that I have, they’re from the slums, they eat twice, the probably cannot eat three times a meal properly, some of the kids and they’ve lost all hope. They’re like, what would happen if I actually get education? It’s along with I don’t know if I can do this. What I did was I took them to a cancer hospital where the kids have …Read More

  3. Adriano-Dos-Santos-I-Share-Hope

    20: Adriano Dos-Santos – Never give up on #hope

    Adriano Dos-Santos twitter facebook instagram “She’s the fighter. She’s the warrior. She is everything for me. I remember when we were young, we would see her go out of her way to give us the best of what we could have. My father died when we were young so she raised me and my brother. She would do everything that she could to keep us happy and healthy and fed. She never lost hope. Even when…Read More

  4. Andinet-Meaza-I-Share-Hope

    19: Andinet Meaza – Sharing Hope with Apples in Ethiopia #isharehope

    Andinet Meaza facebook website “We say even to many people, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple is a tremendous tree in Ethiopia. The Lord gave the vision of apples to share to the people. We started as an apple orchard center and started to give to the people and started to find apple markets in town. That’s how we became apple sellers, now we are producing many, many apples. I am …Read More

  5. Jessica-Cox-I-Share-Hope

    18: Jessica Cox – Handsfree Hope – #isharehope

    Jessica Cox facebook twitter website Motivational Services “Obviously, I had to come to terms very quick. I couldn’t hide away, but I did have prosthetics for 11 years and I often talk about how wearing prosthetics, in a way, it normalized me but after 11 years, first day of eighth grade, I was 14 and I decided I would leave them behind and I walk to the bus stop without them. And when I walke…Read More

  6. Fatima-Palma-I-Share-Hope

    17: Fatima Palma – Nurse Rapper – Nurse by day, rapper by night, 3 steps of hope – #isharehope

    Fatima Palma facebook twitter Instagram studio recording Fatima with band Interview viral video “Dear people of the world, try to live for others don’t just try to live for yourself... you have all the resources to help out other people, to make their lives better. I am not saying that you help out in a big way, but if you can in little ways because through you the world is able to see that mi…Read More

  7. Jie-Lin-I-Share-Hope

    16: Jie Lin – China, family and future. How hope connects all three – #isharehope

    Jie Lin If you would like to connect to Jie he would be happy to chat with you in the comment section of this post. “In China, we’ve got a lot of competition in anything – drinks, food, clothing… I have to survive in that competition. It’s easy to say, but it’s hard to do. My family members give me big hope... I’m the first kid in my family, so I have to take care of my father’s bu…Read More

  8. Nega-Meaza-I-Share-Hope

    15: Nega Meaza: 4 million orphans and even more hope. #isharehope

    Nega Meaza email website facebook “They will tell you it’s because of their family situation, because of the problem they have, because of poverty, they will say, “ We have no hope.”, but it’s not true. Everybody has hope. I really believe that some of them will be leaders in Ethiopia and beyond. So, the hope is inside the human being, but my part is to show that hope. That’s what we a…Read More

  9. George-Mabon-I-Share-Hope

    14: George Mabon: Relationships, life and hope: #IShareHope

    George Mabon facebook “When I think about hope, I immediately think about faith and I have a difficult time discerning the difference. So, I tend to use faith more than I do hope.” — George Mabon George E. Mabon is Vice President of Human Resources for the Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority (MSCAA). The Airport Authority is the governing body behind Memphis International Airport, which…Read More

  10. Jay-Myers-I-Share-Hope

    13: Jay Myers – Hitting the Curveballs of Life – I Share Hope

    Jay Myers twitter facebook linkedin google+ website “You look at those kinds of situations, Chris, and you’re saying, “Hope?” I was just hoping to get up the next morning. I was just hoping that I wouldn’t get another phone call about something else bad that was happening. I was hoping for a better day the day after that and the next week and the next month. It felt like the summer would…Read More