1. James Costello

    Listen in and join our online community. Community can do so much for people recovering from bad situations. Maybe it’s your ‘everyday’ kind of break up or, maybe you are still dealing with trauma from your childhood; there is room for hope. We are an online, intentionally hopeful community. The project around which we are centered is the dream child of Chris Williams. His goal is to intervi…Read More

  2. sun-break-clouds-I-Share-Hope

    Dr. Princess Olufemi

    I Share Hope is the website of motivational podcasts of an online community of people who are dedicated to sharing hope. The community is made up of people from all walks of life who have experienced some type of hardship and have used hope to overcome it. Many of the people, but not all, have experienced trauma or abuse. Recovering from trauma or abuse is an ongoing process for most people and so…Read More

  3. Mr-Pasikari-I-Share-Hope

    44 Mr. Pasikari – 2 Wars. 1 Hope. – #isharehope

    Mr. Pasikari “Hope and faith work together. Great faith can give you great things and show you big things. Being a Christian is the very best thing anybody could have even though people don’t see that. For us, it’s a very big deal and that’s why we’re here today. After all those stories, we are still rejoicing and happy because we have Jesus.” –Mr. Pasikari Born in Bururi, Burundi, M…Read More

  4. Athena-Moberg-I-Share-Hope

    43 Athena Moberg – Hope vs. Abuse – #isharehope

    Athena Moberg     Website Trauma Recovery University EntreTalk   ::   Bio Email   ::   Skype Facebook   ::   Twitter Google+   ::   LinkedIn RokuTV channel   ::   YouTube channel “My definition of hope is knowing that there is something better out there even if I don’t know what it is yet. For anyone out there that’s survived any type of isolation or abuse or anything and you j…Read More

  5. Michael-Broussard-I-Share-Hope

    38: Michael Broussard – Ask a sex abuse survivor about hope – #isharehope

    Michael Broussard Facebook Twitter Website “There was a time in my life where I looked up and I did not see white or hope at all. I didn’t feel like things would ever change and for me hope has become defined as the understanding that things can and will change and you, as an individual, have control over what direction that change takes and have control over seeing hope. It’s a point of vie…Read More

  6. Angelina-Estrada-Burney-I-Share-Hope

    37: Angelina Estrada-Burney – Tried and True #Hope – #isharehope

    Angelina Estrada-Burney Websites: Anchorage Untold Stories www.murkowski.senate.gov “I think, personally, hope for me is just something to look forward to as I start each day in a positive way. So, it’s something to look forward to when something good is going to happen whether that good is created by me or whether it comes my way. Hope is this attitude that I keep with me and whether that’s…Read More

  7. Pedro-Eustache-I-Share-Hope

    36: Pedro Eustache – You’ve heard his woodwinds. Now hear his hope. – #isharehope

    Pedro Eustache facebook website youtube “Music doesn’t define who I am. What I do doesn’t define who I am. Who I am defines what I do and who I am is I am a human being that has been literally rescued and has been brought back from a place of desperation which is exactly the opposite of hope. Hope, I believe, is an expectation of something that can be fulfilled and hope for me is Jesus. Jesu…Read More

  8. Vivian-Melde-I-Share-Hope

    35: Vivian Melde – Waiting with #hope – #isharehope

    Vivian Melde facebook website “You hear the term ‘keep hope alive’ and keeping hope alive, I think, gives you something to live for. When I see positive things that happen in my life and around me, I know that there is hope. From Anchorage, Alaska this is Vivian Melde and I Share Hope.” — Vivian Melde Vivian Melde works for Ecology and Environment, Inc., as an environmental consultant, s…Read More

  9. Denis-Ndeloh-I-Share-Hope

    34: Denis Ndeloh – Etiendem Ph.D. – Poacher to Protector. The #hope of Understanding – #isharehope

    Denis Ndeloh - Etiendem Ph.D. twitter website nndeloh@gmail.com “It takes one person to stand up hoping, just hoping that another person will. If you don’t want to be that first person, if you sit down because no one is standing up nobody will stand up. Maybe you are the person who is supposed to ignite the change and stand up. You must take that opportunity when you feel that it is time. You …Read More

  10. Farhan-Masood-I-Share-Hope

    33: Farhan Masood – Innovative hope for Pakistan, Chicago and China – #isharehope

    Farhan Masood facebook twitter website “Hope is being able to see there is light despite all of darkness. I’ve seen myself many times crashing to zero. To dream by night is to escape your life, to dream by day is to make it happen. Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. It’s the only one thing in life that you should never ever give up. My name is Farhan Masood a…Read More